Cargo Ferry Prototype

C50 – Australia

C50 Cruiser


The C50 Cruiser is the smaller version of the C60. The inside and outside layout has been redesigned for optimal use of the space available.

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The Ex40 is for people who enjoy sailing. Ideal for a weekend, simple enough for a quick sail after work with scope for longer distances for those who do not need all the comforts of home.

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A month ago, I was approached by Jordan Collinet who has a YouTube channel called Learning the Lines. He thought Harryproas were interesting, was contemplating building one, but first wanted answers to a lot of questions about them. He asked if he could do this in an interview and make a video of it, which he did.

The harryproa chat group is open to everyone with an interest in the Harryproas, sailing,  boat  building or proas generally. Input and questions are welcomed from everybody, regardless of their expertise or knowledge level. The chat group has been active for 15+ years in various forms. For those interested in the history, it is archived here.