“Luca Antara” – PORTUGAL


The owner of Luca Antara has had an accident which has seriously impacted him financially.  Consequently, he has to sell his boat.
Details are at http://eepurl.com/cpxZHL  A lot of boat and equipment at a seriously discounted price.


Update on the Portugese boat, from the owner:

“We have completed attaching booms to the masts, and had sailmaker in to measure for 2 sails at 60 m2 each. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic of the completed booms as I had to return to work; Presently fairing the whole boat and putting a full coat of primer/sealant on it. It is light grey and we might leave it that colour as it looks OK. Then the rudders and hopefully sailing this summer.”

MARCH 2013

The hulls are now finished and are (mostly) painted. The masts, booms and beams are complete and will be installed shortly. The masts weigh 350 kgs each, are extremely stiff and are clear finished carbon. Windward hull weighs 1,900 kgs.