“Kleen Breeze” (Luca Antara) – PORTUGAL

JULY 2017

From Robin Warde – We just made the trip motoring at the start with no wind and ending the day in 25 knots. Most pics and videos taken when doing around 9 knots in 15 knots of wind on a downwind broad reach. At this point she was behaving beautifully, and once we had adjusted the sail trim we were able to leave the tiller for about 20 minutes while she maintained course.

JUNE 2017

Kleen Breeze at anchor. Dinghy ramp lowered.

JUNE 2017

Kleen Breeze is launched!

From Robin Warde, owner/builder of the custom 20m in Portugal:

We lifted from the yard a week ago because of a good weather window,and sailed in light northeasterly winds and motored to Portico. Lighter than expected weight at 11 tons.

A couple of photos show us under a light close reach off Salema under foresail in 7 – 8 knots wind doing 5 -6 knots. Tiller steering was light and could probably be handled by a simple Simrad TP323 tiller pilot.
Been working last few days getting the electrics hooked up, and so far no problems.

I have moored near Portimao on the east side of the river below Ferragudo, and as we have come early in the year we have a prime spot with a clear access route if necessary, and also just in 8 metres of good sand/mud with a 35 kg Rocna in tandem with a 45 kg Delta and 50 metres of 12 mm chain. Pulled them yesterday for a short spin out of the harbour and the Rocna had dug in well into mud, while the Delta which is 2 metres closer to the boat at the end of the chain showed clean blades with no sign of having dug in. Reckon the Rocna did not slip at all so the Delta had no opportunity to bury itself.

There were just 4 sailboats when we arrived, but 7 more have now came out of the marina to escape the heavy June to September fees. I reckon to stay here a month or so to work on the boat before possibly moving to Faro/Culatra in July. Riding 25 knot winds at the moment with a little sway but not much more than the monos around us.



The owner of Luca Antara has had an accident which has seriously impacted him financially.  Consequently, he has to sell his boat.
Details are at http://eepurl.com/cpxZHL  A lot of boat and equipment at a seriously discounted price.


Update on the Portugese boat, from the owner:

“We have completed attaching booms to the masts, and had sailmaker in to measure for 2 sails at 60 m2 each. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic of the completed booms as I had to return to work; Presently fairing the whole boat and putting a full coat of primer/sealant on it. It is light grey and we might leave it that colour as it looks OK. Then the rudders and hopefully sailing this summer.”

MARCH 2013

The hulls are now finished and are (mostly) painted. The masts, booms and beams are complete and will be installed shortly. The masts weigh 350 kgs each, are extremely stiff and are clear finished carbon. Windward hull weighs 1,900 kgs.