These polars were prepared by Rick Willoughby based on theory validated  by his several years of optimising the 18m proa in Melbourne. The polars are for a slightly longer (53′ vs50) version of the C50 with 10 sqm less sail area.

The first is the base line, the second with one reef at 20 knots TWS and the third with the weight distribution optimised for speed.  

Of note is that these speeds are achieved without extras.  Polars for other high performance cruising multis are similar, but require expensive, time consuming and difficult to set well extras.  

As can be seen from the blog, Rickard is a careful, accurate builder.  He has weighed the built components and is confident the boat will weigh 4,500 kgs ready to cruise.

It will be fascinating to see these polars confirmed when the boat is launched.

One reef (60 m2)
Weight distribution optimised for speed