C60 – PERU

C60 being built by Ballotta, Peru.

December 2019

Main interior parts are in place.

November 2019

August 2019

October 2018

Windward hull and beam halves infused.

September 2017

The lee hull of the C60 was joined last week.

From Georgio, the builder: “Because of the short gel time of the glue, we had to get the job done in 30 minutes. We were 8 inside the hull with spatulas + 2 running boards with mixed material to them + 2 pouring from the gun onto the boards + 4 ready to drop down the hull from cranes as soon as advised + 2 calling the instructions.”Pretty stressful and fortunately they are well organised. Next time, a longer gel time will be selected. However, the result is that the hull is now in one piece, with all the bulkheads in place, with no coving or wet laminate required, saving several weeks of sticky work, plus several more of sanding to fair the tabbing.

June 6th 2016

After spending the time to make a reusable mould, the crew at Ballotta started laying out the materials for half the lee hull and decks a week ago. Took 2-3 days to cut it and lay it all in place and a couple of hours to infuse it.
Bit of a hiccup getting vacuum which was caused by a misunderstanding, but once that was cleared up, it went without a hitch. Giorgio has made a couple of suggestions, which we will include in future plans.

Next step is making and bonding in the bulkheads, and the furniture, then demould it, lay up the other half, which includes the rudder cases beefing up (14 layers of 600 db/18 oz glass) and glue the 2 together.

March 29th 2016

The owner and the builder decided there could be a market for these boats so built a “normal” plug and mould instead of the mdf mould in the plans. Added some time, but will certainly pay off for future boats.

harryproa C60 plug and mould

March 27th 2015

The Peruvian 15m/50´ has been upgraded to the new C60. Work starts when the materials arrive in Peru. This will be the first of the new breed.