C50 – Brazil

C50 under construction in Brazil.

Beams under construction.

Infusing bulkheads.


From the builder:
First beam Half sucessfuly infused! 38 minutes to wet all fibers! 
I decided to infuse the beam with all layers, and then infuse separately the foam with 2 layers glass, foam carbon and glass. Then, use it as inside bonding element covering the 2 sides of the beams, together with the square reinforcements, all bonded with epoxy.

The optional bulkhead LW hull both ends. Made yesterday, (xmas infusion just for fun!). I decided to make it with an opening part, secured with watertight rubber seal and bolts. This will allow access to the area in case of necessity/repairs…

Great progress on the C50 in Brazil. The lee hull halves are joined and the frames and bulkheads are in place. The mast sleeves are ready, and the beam mould is assembled.

July 2021
The final hull half and the mast sleeves are infused.

June 2021
Hull halves infused and looking great!

May 2021
The windward hull mould is coming together nicely.