E25 – Germany

December 2020

Building the beams.

August 2020

The 2 halves of the leeward hull. These were also infused with an all enveloping bag, which, judging by the results, worked well.  

December 2019
The second windward hull half is infused.

Demolding. Resin was found all the way in the outside vacuum tube, but nothing in the resin trap. Radius was nice, nearly no white spots.

Foil is glued to a sleeve and put over everything. Then the first vacuum is done by a vacuum cleaner. The foil has to be relocated several times so that there is no radius with air inside. Not only inside the form, also underneath. Also, lengthwise I have to adjust the foil. However, It was 5,6m long for the 4,55 long form, so foil was long enough.

Vacuum was good and run to 10 mPas. After 1,5hours infusion still 12 mPas. No leakage.
Start: 20:30

Form seem to be fuilled 21:20. Let run ca 700g resign until 22:00, than close. In total 7,4kg resign was mixed. Temperatur in the mold was little over 20°C.


Put foam and glass and peel ply into the form.


Preparing for beams inside (change that decision after sailing with my little overloaded catamaran (Nacra 500) in winds over 6 bf and waves running over trampoline. In that situation the beam helps me to stay a my sitting position.


Thin plastic foil.


Close foam with sand and wood that plastic foil does not have go to all the edges, try to reduce sharp edges.


Longer and harder work to do the radius.


Sheets get into form.


Assembly of wood sheets.