E25 Camper Pod

Rather than try to squash accommodation into a narrow, low hull the E25 has a light weight, pop up and demountable Camper Pod.

Two berths (or an infill to make a double), full standing headroom, space for a cooker, sink, tables and bucket toilet plus enough space for a weekend’s clothes and food. Lift one end, then the other and step inside. Or leave the front down for reduced windage on a stormy night. The watertight sides have large windows and easy zip door access.

Folded, the Camper Pod is 280 mm above the beams and the top is flat enough to allow easy access across it to the lee hull. The composite components weigh a measly 40kg, the sides another 8.

The E25 is not a big boat, so the total weight of crew, camper and contents should not exceed 300 kgs or performance will be noticeably degraded.

The Camper Pod can be scaled up to fit on any of the non cabin harrys, including the race versions.