The E25 is a development of Elementary, one of the first harrys built and still doing service as Rob’s test bed for rigs, rudders, kites, foils, solar degradation and marine growth rates. It is a fast day sailer with optional camping accommodation.

The E25 is also a low cost way to check out Intelligent Infusion and harryproa sailing as it is essentially a smaller version of the larger boats. Like them, it is designed to be quick, clean and simple to build, and easy to sail. It has about the same sail area and weight as a Tornado catamaran, and in our experience, performs at about the same level.

The E25 is made for easy trailering and assembly. It can also have a small cockpit added.

Building takes about two thirds the hours and materials of a conventionally built boat, with almost none of the mess, grinding, sanding, secondary laminating and fitting of fiddly components.


The E25 is set up to compete with the fast non foiling beach cats. It has the same sail area as Tornado, but wider beam. It has about the same beam clearance, so will be a wet ride in waves. However, if there is enough wind to make waves, there will be enough to fly the windward hull. Both hulls can be used for storage, but are too small to sleep or eat in. There is an optional, deck stored camper unit which opens up to give full headroom, 2 bunks, a toilet and a cooker. The deck is netting, but can be solid if required, unless a lot of hull flying is intended. It is also possible to add a small, removable 2 seater cockpit for more comfortable seating.


The unstayed schooner rig with wishbone booms is the same as on the other harrys. It provides a lot of sail area low down and is easier to manage than headsails. The halyards have a simple, fail safe lock on the mast at each reef point. The halyard can be thinner and the mast bending does not alter the halyard tension. Luff tension is provided with a simple block and tackle. Leech tension and mast bend by a line from the boom end to the mast at deck level. The sheets are 2:1 for easy handling and quick release. If required the sails can have reef points which are tied in by lowering the sail, re-attaching the lines and rehoisting. For single handing or strong winds, a third mast step can be mounted in the middle of the boat and one of the schooner rigs used.


The E25 has the latest harryproa rudders. These are NACA 0012 section mounted on the side of the lee hull with a low drag attachment and a quick release fuse for grounding or beaching. The blades can be full length or they can be telescoping for reduced wetted surface and balance. They can be placed on either the leeward or windward side of the lee hull. The tillers flip over so the extensions are always lying along the beams. Pushing on either one luffs the boat, pulling bears away.


The design of the E25 has evolved from the flat panel design and building technique of the Bucket List prototype. The hulls, masts, beams and booms are infused in simple flat panel moulds to reduce build time and weight, and increase the quality of the product.

Everything else is infused on a flat table, ensuring a high quality laminate. Bulkheads and stringer location are included in the infusion, then glued in place without any need for fillets and tabbing, or the interminable sanding required to fair these in. Joins are male/female, ensuring strength and accuracy. There is no post infusion edge treatment or cutting and grinding of cured glass. The foam is cut to shape with a utility knife, the glass with scissors, then laid accurately in the mould. This is easy work, with plenty of time to check it is correct.


Leeward hull length: 7.5 m / 25′
Windward hull length: 4.5 m / 15′
Beam: 4 m / 13’4″
Empty weight: 140 kgs / 310 lbs
Payload approx: 160 kgs / 352 lbs
Sail area: 22 sq m / 236 sq ft
Draft: Rudders Up 0.05m/ 2″
Draft: Rudders Down 1 m / 3’ 4″
Righting Moment: 900 kgm/6,500 ft lbs
Berths: 2 singles or one double in the camping version