Custom 10m Camper

JULY 2018

Bows are on, bogged and faired.

JUNE 2018

I visited one of the 4 harry builders around Brisbane yesterday. This one is an 10m camper. The photos show the 6m windward hull after it was demoulded and joined. The builder (John) has made a great job of the infusion, with no voids, dry areas or bridging. We had a long chat, lots of feedback on improving the system and the plans, which wil be implemented. One of the comments was that Intelligent Infusion is intimidating for first time builders. Consequently, John took it in small steps, but having had to use conventional techniques (filletting and tabbing in the bulkheads, for example) he wished he hadn’t. The next one will include the landings.


The ww hull infusion of a custom 10m camper harry for an ex catamaran sailor in Brisbane. The builder practised on a canoe which will double as a tender. He is one of several builders who has been helping us develop Intelligent Infusion. The feedback and interaction with builders like this makes it really enjoyable.