Guess the answer and win the prototype for a day!

After any teething troubles are sorted out, Bucket List will be sailed upwind and reaching. The gps recordings will be shown on the Bucket List blog.

Upwind: It will be sailed upwind for 5 minutes, shunted, then upwind on the other board for 5 minutes. What will be the distance between the start and finish points?    Answer  in nautical miles to two decimal, if it sails at 10 knots upwind and tacks/shunts through 90 degrees the distance between start and finish will be 1.17 nautical miles,  Tacking angles less than 90 degrees will increase the distance.
Reaching: It will be sailed on the fastest point of sail. What will be the max instantaneous speed?  Answer in knots to one decimal place.  eg 23.8 knots

The location will be the stretch of water south of the Seaway, Gold Coast, Australia. 5 speed runs will be performed at varying windspeeds, at least one of them will be with the wind at The Spit weather station reading over 20 knots.

The prize is a days sailing (racing, cruising or just hooning around) on the prototype which would normally cost $AUS500. You can use it, cash it in after the boat’s first ‘charter’ or donate it to charity. The prize can be claimed on the Gold Coast or where ever the boat travels.

The winner will be the person who gets closest to the upwind distance.  In the event of a draw, the top speed will be used as a tie break.  If more than one entry gets them both right, they will both/all get a free day.

  • One entry per email address.
  • Please state whether you want your name or only your initials next to your entry on the list of distances/speeds.
  • Revise/update your entry as often as you like. Follow the rest of the build progress on the blog for updates on weights etc.
  • Your contact information may be used by us to email you updates on Bucket List. It will not be used for any other purpose. Please let us know if you don’t wish to receive updates.
  • Entries close the day of Bucket List’s maiden sail.

Email your entry to and it will be added to the list.  Feel free to add a comment or ask any questions.

Entrant Name


Top speed


 PD  1.80  22
 TH  1.33  18.8   love the Bucket List project
 JG  1.04  19.8
 JO  1.55  28.2  cool machine!
 SC  1.51  25.8
 FV  1.25  25.5
 JM  1.5  24.0
 LS  1.15  23.0
 AH  1.42  22.0   Cool concept. Keep up the good work!
TF  1.28  27.2  Really looking forward to seeing it in the water.
 BN  2.06  29.2
 RB  1.23  23.4
 RE  2.04  25.2  If it can do this, it will be a fabulous racing machine.
 WM  2.73  28  I am confident that you have a fast sailing machine
 NP  1.52  21.4  Great work with the build!   Have fun with the trials.
 ET  1.68  23.4  Following progress with interest
 MF  1.58  23.5  I wish for you that you are faster than my estimation.
 RR  2.22  26