The T60 is a versatile design with numerous layouts possible. The one shown is the multipurpose tender for the 18m/60′ CRUISER 60 design.  It combines the advantages of a long, deep, free floating outboard sled with a high speed tender with big payload and stability.  All stored in a location that is both central and convenient.

A second boat is under way. With a few simple changes to the plans, it has been reconfigured to a twin outboard dive boat, complete with boarding staircase and even higher payload.

More sizes and styles are in the pipeline.


One off fibreglass boat building has always been a messy, sticky, dusty job and small power cats tend to be heavy and require huge power.
Not any more. The T60 is foam/fibreglass,  built with no grinding, sanding or cutting of cured composites, no filling or fairing and no hand laminating. It is 7.5m/25′ long, 1.9m/6’2″ wide, weighing 200 kgs/440 lbs with seating for 8.  Depending on it’s intended use it is suitable for an outboard from 15-70 hp.

All this is possible due to Intelligent Infusion, a boat building method that eliminates the messy, difficult and physical parts of boat building.  Exactly the right amount of resin (about half as much as a hand lay up), is applied using atmospheric pressure so there are no voids or sticky mess and minimal waste.


The attached videos show the build process. The hull mould is a simple open box built from 3 rectangular sheets of mdf or similar. The rest of it is built on an mdf table. There is no fairing, sanding, polishing or waxing required.  The flat components are bent to shape and glued into slots in the floor and the sides.  The hulls are glued into landings on the sides. Simple, self aligning and strong.

Once assembled, the hull is ready for paint. There is no fairing or sanding required.

HP Tender 60 012


HP Tender 60 008

HP Tender 60 007