The Exhilarator range is for those who want performance and are prepared to sacrifice some convenience to get it. Do you really need full standing headroom over the seats? Can you live without a private cabin with ensuite? Is an ice box and a 2 burner stove sufficient?

Ex40F interior

Ex40F interior02

The windward hull has 2 tables, which can be lowered to make a double berth.  One of these can be left made up and curtained off if required.  There is also a 1.5m long bench with storage underneath.  A composting toilet can be fitted in the hull or placed in the long hull, along with a shower if required.

As well as being light and low windage, the Exhilarators are simple to build, primarily because the shapes are simple and there is so much less boat to construct and pay for. The weight and cost savings are amplified by Intelligent Infusion, the very simple, low effort, almost zero dust and mess build method developed for Bucket List and the Cruiser series.

Ex40F front

The rig is a wishbone schooner to make it easy to sail and to provide plenty of sail area down low. With 50 sq m of sail area and a bare weight of 800 kgs, the Ex40F has a very high power to weight ratio, but in a rig which is very easily handled solo and will not need reefing until the breeze gets above 20 knots..

Ex40F folded01

Marina space for multihulls is hard to find, and expensive. So the boat folds to 10′ wide so it can fit in a mono berth. Lift up the trampoline frames,seats and the cockpit floor, roll up the walkway and pull the two hulls together. The folding mechanism is very robust, with large diameter pins and substantial reinforcing of the beam, which is included in the infusion.

For road trailering, or containerisation, the beams are easily removed (2 pins) and the long hull sits under the cockpit on the short hull. Not a solution for weekend trailering, but for once a year trips to somewhere warm, not too big a deal. To make trailering easier, the ends of the long hull fold up. A simple hinge across the deck and an in hull block and tackle to hold the nose in place while sailing. The masts can also be supplied in two halves to further shorten the load.

There are two more options for those who want a more open, airy feeling.
The first of these is a permanent bimini (not illustrated), which provides shade, air flow and headroom everywhere. This option would also have the galley floor at the same height as the rest of the saloon area. Zip on plastic sides would be usable at anchor or in conditions where upwind performance was not important.
The second option is a pop top which has the same benefits as the bimini, but allows the cabin to be securely sealed up when the boat is left.

folded pop top 02

folded pop top 01