From Arttu Heinonen, owner of “ONO”
Now we are sailing our seventh season with our Visionarry. The boat spent two years on the yard. Now we have done some mods that have enhanced its sailing capabilities. The rudder bearings are now from Jefa and we made bows a bit higher and are flat on top.
We also added carbon chainplates for a down wind sail. We did some changes in the interior design which made the cockpit roomier and cozy. We have found the (disliked??) daggerboards useful. The asymmetric profile of thr daggerboards is effective. We also noticed that too much weight in the ww hull is not good, so we moved batteries and water into lw hull. Ww hull is still heavy enough. There will also be tiller attachments on the rudder stocks in the near future. That will allow the use of a tiller pilot and also would like to try steering with a tiller for sportier moments.
We have been cris crossing baltic and enjoyed of good sailing!
If some one has an idea how to arrange servo pendulum wind vane, I would be grateful . I have so far found it impossible on this type of a watercraft. It needs undisturbed airflow, difficult to arrange because of bidirectional nature of the boat
The mast and the sails are still very good. Many thanks for Rudolf!!





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