Intelligent Infusion

The first proa Rob built was sheet ply for the long hull, tortured ply for the short one.  The second was bendy ply, stiff in one direction, flexible in the other until it was glassed.  The next couple were strip planked.  They were all messy, sticky,  dusty, wasteful jobs requiring a lot of physical labour […]


Proas do not tack, they shunt – meaning they go in both directions sailing forward and… well, forward. It is a fairly simple process of letting go the main sheet, turning the rudders, sheeting in and away you go… Shunting like this is not as quick as tacking, and a lot slower than gybing. However, it […]

The Proa History

A proa is a double hulled vessel with all or some of the following attributes: The rig is mounted in or on a hull. The hulls are frequently different lengths and shapes. Steering and leeway prevention are also in one hull, generally but not always, the same one as the rig. Steering can be achieved […]