“Ono” (Hawaian for Wahoo) a 15m/50′ Visionarry built by Arttu Heinonen in Finland. The layout includes the saloon from the Cruiser and the open cockpit from the Sport along with a few other changes, such as polystyrene cored beams and daggerboards, which Arttu says work well.


KitetiK (harryproa, Trevor Jack owner) hasn’t been out for a while but we had a delightful sail on Saturday.  Here’s about 50 seconds of video. We launched the 16m kite from a dinghy.  Although the wing tips were in the water for a bit and it could easily have gone pear shaped,  it launched cleanly and was… Continue reading KitetiK

Custom 18m – AUSTRALIA

The 18m/60’ter in Melbourne Australia is quite unique. It is the first infused flat panel harry built and the first harry built without Rob’s direct input. In many ways, it was the inspiration to have a closer look at the KSS build method. The owner, who had previously owned power boats, bought a set of… Continue reading Custom 18m – AUSTRALIA