Visionarry Sport 50


The Visionarry Sport Blind Date specifications are correct, though difficult to believe. The materials list for a boat to sailing stage (not including freight, wastage, taxes, motors, electronics, etc) is approximately $Aus50,000. Specifications: Leeward hull length: 15 m / 50′ Windward hull length: 10 m / 32’8 Beam: 8.3 m / 27′ Empty weight: 2.2… Continue reading Visionarry Sport 50


General arrangement

Expeditionarry was designed for a competition run by Wooden Boat Magazine.  The requirement were for a boat suitable for Raids, or expeditions. Fast, overnight, trailerable campers. The description below is the text and drawings that accompanied the entry.  The text addresses the criteria that the boat had to meet.  There have been some changes to… Continue reading EXPEDITIONARRY

Rob Denney

Rob Denney is a New Zealander who started sailing at age 4 and has scarcely been out of a boat since. He has sailed in 7 Sydney Hobarts (2nd on handicap, fastest elapsed time), 6 Brisbane Gladstones (1st on handicap, fastest elapsed time, race record) , worked as a professional yacht skipper, raced and cruised extensively… Continue reading Rob Denney