Peter Eagles, who has been the harryproa engineer for the last 8 years has set up a carbon spar building operation in Adelaide, South Australia. Peter is an old hand at carbon structures and an expert in computer aided manufacturing. He is also developing some world leading techniques combining filament winding and infusion. All at… Continue reading ETAMAX ENGINEERING

Visionarry Cruiser 50


The Visionarry Cruiser developed from the need of a boat with good performance like Visionarry Sport but with longer trips in mind. The ‘Cruiser’ is the ‘Sport’ with the added comforts of a longer windward hull, extra motor, large airy saloon and a covered cockpit. SPECIFICATIONS: Leeward hull length: 15 m / 50′ Windward hull length:… Continue reading Visionarry Cruiser 50